Boost Your Energy with Sound

 Sound to bring your Energy Back!

Do you feel tired or depleated? Does your energy feel zapped? Do you struggle with meditation?

The ‘Boost your Energy with Sound’ allows you to rebalance your chakras and energy field with sound .

Enjoy 1 hour of sound bliss

With a gentle meditation, I use a combination of tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls and tuning forks, to open up your chakras and allow your energy levels to reset and increase.

It is tailor made to your energy, using meditation, crystals, Resonate essences and sprays, to further enhance Sound Experience.

Learn about YOU, make connections through sound.

Benefits of Sound 

Allow sound to bring you into a deeper relaxation


Sounds and vibrations has been know to help us recover from a wide variety of ailments


The tones and vibrations helps slow down breathing, slow down the mind, access your inner knowing


Produces a deep sense of calmness and wellbeing


Supports relaxation and balance our nervous system


Increase your physical energy


Tap into your Inner Guidance


Boost your Energy with Sound

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Specialised Packages or one off Consultations

We know that 'one size fits all' is not the case with Hypnotherapy, this is why we have put specific packages together. One off consultations are available. Contact us today to discuss what unlocks your past life to your self-healing.

Lessons from the Past

Mini Soul Alignment Package

Mini Soul Alignment

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Ready to unlock your Deep Questions?

Investment: $495

With the Mini Soul Alignment Package you will receive;

  • Resonate Essence Connect Spray Vibrations (Worth $44)
  • Resonate Essence Clarity or Connect Essence (Worth $25)
  • Sound balance to reset your chakras (Worth $80)
  • 2 hour Kinesiology session to find any blocks to your higher purpose (Worth $150)
  • Past Life Regression session that’s taped to keep (Worth $200)
  • Links to meditations & releasing blocks (Worth $20)
  • A channelled message from your guide for clarity (Worth $100)

Unlock your blocks in 3 sessions and find clarity to your questions!

Lessons from the Past

Complete Soul Alignment Breakthrough Package

Soul Alignment Breakthrough


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Ready to unlock your Past Lives?

With the Complete Soul Alignment Breakthrough Package you will receive;

  • Two pre Audio's to listen to and begin the process of getting your unconscious mind to Soul Alignment
  • Learn and understand about your energy
  • How to muscle test yourself and empower yourself with answers
  • Hypnosis to find your 'safe place' that is useful for meditation
  • Release emotions; anger, sadness, fear, hurt & guilt
  • Remove limiting beliefs
  • Message from the Guides
  • Two Kinesiology sessions to clear current life blocks
  • Three Hypnotherapy sessions to find a past lives that will help you find your answers
Unlock your past lives in 7 sessions and have a complete breakthrough to your questions!