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Testimonial – Past Life Regression

Great testimonial from Josh after the Past Life Regression session. Thanks Josh for your kind words.

Posted by Healing Inside Out Hypnotherapy and Kinesiology on Friday, July 27, 2018

Meredith C


“Blazenka is a very talented and intuitive healer. She has supported me gain clarity in many areas of my life, see the patterns I play out and has provided strategies and insight into clearing them – with some profound results. She’s amongst the best healers I’ve seen – and I’ve seen a lot! thank you” Meredith

Logan G


“Loved the experience from beginning to end. Blazenka was engaging and welcoming from the start. She was amazing with a beautiful soul, we felt relaxed and at ease with the whole process. Can’t wait to do the sound bath again. Absolutely loved it and totally recommend it. What a wonderful way to get in touch with your higher self. Thank you blazenka for an enlightening experience.” Logan

Samantha T


“WOW! I my experience with Healing Inside Out has been life changing. I attended the Enhance Your Senses course a couple month ago and it helped me be able to connect with my spiritual team. It has changed my perspective opened up a whole new world. I was also so blessed to receive a taro reading by the beautiful Blazenka. It was much more than just a tarot reading, she gave me divine messages from sprit and even a past loved one. The information I received has helped me see thing so much more clear, and gave me reassurance that things are going to work out. I am so grateful and I would recommend everyone to experience the healing powers of Healing Inside Out. xxx” Samantha

Maree A


“I went to Blazenka due to my weight issues. Although I knew what and when to eat, I needed to overcome my sugar and carb cravings, self-sabotage and the desire to eat constantly, even though I wasn’t hungry. Through a combination of hypnotherapy and kinesiology we were able to identify and address the emotional reasons behind my cravings, self-sabotage and overeating. I enjoyed my sessions with Blazenka very much and was sad when they came to an end. However I know longer crave carbs and sugar and for the first time in my life can happily say no to chocolate. I easily stick to my healthy eating plan and can have the occasional treat without spiraling out of control. Best of all I’m now easily and consistently losing weight without dieting or feeling deprived. Another bonus is the recordings of our hypnotherapy sessions which Blazenka tailored specifically to my needs and are now a valuable resource that I can use whenever I need some reinforcement or just to help me stay on track. Blazenka is a beautiful, kind and generous woman who immediately put me at ease. With her warmth, understanding and compassion she is able to provide a safe and nurturing environment for healing. I am extremely grateful for all the help she has given me and would highly recommend her services.”  Maree.

Anita H


“I started having regular kinesiology balances with Blazenka almost a year ago for anxiety management. She has assisted me to let go of many stress blocks in my life including anxiety & anxiety attacks, fear around money as well as self love & acceptance blocks. She has also helped me improve my sleep & energy levels. I also experienced my first hypnotherapy under Blazenka to help with lowering stress and career insight. I found the hypnosis to feel relaxing, safe & helpful. I also experienced past life regression with Blazenka which was honestly an incredible experience & journey. I highly recommend Blazenka, she is a very kind, gentle & talented practitioner who conducts her sessions with love & compassion and without judgement. Thank you ??❤️❤️”  Anita.

Kerrie W


I had the pleasure of meeting Blazenka by “chance”. I had my first session last Saturday and all I can say is that I was totally blown away. I would recommend Blazenka’s service to anyone. She is professional and so in tune. I’m very much looking forward to my next session. Thank you for your help on my journey.”  Kerrie.

Rebecca S


Blazenka’s open and down to earth approach created a beautiful space which allowed me to start working on healing my own issues with patience and kindness. I highly recommend Blazenka’s sessions to anyone who wishes to explore the benefits of kinesiology and past life work.”  Rebecca.

Carol M


I have been to see Blazenka only once, but straight away I felt as ease, she made my first visit easy and I am definitely coming back again.”  Carol.

Briana L


I have seen Blazenka once for my anxiety and panic disorder and so excited for my next visit tomorrow. She is truely gifted and makes you feel at ease and in just the one session made me feel calmer and less stressed. Looking forward to uncovering more about my past. I would definately recommend her..”  Briana.

Daniela M


“I highly recommend Blazenka! My session was incredible. She held space so powerfully, present with every word. I had a deeply powerful past life regression and am very keen to return. She is a wonderful practitioner and beautiful being. Very happy customer! ”  Daniela.

Heidi S


“Just wanted to say thanks again for yesterday for helping me get there and helping me sort through everything. I really loved it, it was sad but super special and now I feel like I have a new friend/part of me that was brave, independent, kind, caring and real so I can go forth and give “love” a super go. I might have softened up about my ex and can really let that go without so much angst too. So thanks again – feel so much better, Love your work”


Grazyna W

Crows Nest

“As a client I find Blazenka an insightful integrated practitioner and healer. She combines her comprehensive training in kinesiology and hypnosis with her intuitive ways of perceiving – making her way of guiding her clients to greater wellbeing a truly unique and potent experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Blazenka’s help and services.”  Grazyna

Kylie C


“Went to see Blazenka for a Kinesiology session afew days ago. Just wanted to let you know I felt amazing at training last night! My range of movement has improved (a little sore today, so hopefully didn’t overdo it), and honestly I just felt good doing the work. Thank you so much again xx”  Kylie.

Carla T


“I have always been crazy about lollies but things got out of hand. I developed the habit of having lollies after dinner specially when I felt tired and wanted some comforting. The problem was that I didn’t know when to stop. Once I have opened a bag, I couldn’t stop until it was all gone. After each episode, I felt guilty and completely down, not to mention sick on my stomach. When I went to see Blazenka, I wasn’t sure what to expect. She was attentive and put me at easy throughout the whole process. The best thing is that since our session, I haven’t craved lollies. And even when I choose to have a few, I won’t eat more than a couple. It is like something inside of me has changed. I now feel in control and that has also empowered me in other aspects of my life.” Thanks Carla.

Dina S


I recently had Kinesiology with Blazenka. The experience for me was amazing as it helped me deal with depression and anxiety by calming me and by making me feel stronger. Blazenka made me feel comfortable and at ease, I am very grateful and happy that you have helped me and I highly recommend you to anybody that wants to give kinesiology a try. It is definitely well worth it. Thank you Blazenka

Shawn M


I have participated in kinesiology for the past 4 years this has helped with creating a healthy life balance with the use of techniques of affirmations blocking and unblocking of past trauma events. I feel it has helped with my journey as a sufferer of PTSD Blazenka has supported me through my trials and tribulations and with her support I am truly thankful.

Joanne B


Blazenka did a Balance on me & it helped me so much with my Anxiety & left me with a wonderful feeling of peacefulness that I hadn’t felt in a very long time, she is very gentle & calm & I felt completely safe & would highly recommend visiting her & would love to have another Balance myself.

Francesca M


Kinesiology has helped me deal with many issues, some that had only came up recently and some which I had been coping with for many years. These issues have been both physical and mental in nature and without kinesiology I would not have been able to clear those issues in the past and stepped forward into a brighter future. Thank you.

Jo J


Thankyou for my session as always I came away feel better and very relaxed

Sue V


Blazenka has been carrying out balances on me for approximately 12 months. I’m always amazed at the way in which she is able to connect on a spiritual level with my past and recently was able to clear a blockage from my childhood. I highly recommend Blazenka, she makes you feel very comfortable in a relaxed environment and is a confident and skilled kinesiologist at finding and bringing to the surface and clearing emotions from the past. Thank you Blazenka for all the work you do and for caring about my wellbeing.

Anna A


Over a year ago I was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder and was going to spend a substantial amount of money to get cortisone treatments and other treatment. I went to Blazenka not really believing that Kinesiology could possibly help. However, at the time I was in so much pain and couldn’t lift my arm to even get dressed, so thought ‘why not’, it can’t make it any worse. In one session, I went from only being able to move my arm 45 degree angle to having the arm move to 120 degree’s (just above my head). Not only was I astonished that the major reason for this was emotional, I was just stunned that it work. After the 2nd session a month later I have full mobility of my arm.

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