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Hello everyone, my name is Blazenka Bradley and I am passionate in helping people transform into the version they want to be. Working with energy, Kinesiology, Past Life Regression, Sound Therapy, Reiki & Hypnotherapy these tools help me to get to the core of what’s needed to bring you into a state of balance.

In my past life…. No let’s start with my current life, shall we? Growing up as a sensitive child. I never quite fit in. Being a “wog” and having a difficult name to pronounce. This was a great reason to be teased and bullied throughout school. It’s funny, I never once considered changing my name. My siblings all changed their names to an Australian version. But I refused. I knew that if I changed my name, then I changed my identity.

So instead I hid myself, and never let anyone know things about me, that I could see and sense energy and spirit. I was scared to show that side of me. I learnt Kinesiology back in 2013 and hid ‘me’ behind Kinesiology. It was a leap of faith for me to stop hiding and embrace who I am.

I always knew that past lives are my passion. I remember my first past life vision in meditation in my 30’s. I was asking my guide in meditation why my ex-boyfriend didn’t commit with me. Why he wasted 7 years of my life when he had no desire to fully commit to me. Now I know, nothing is truly a waste, only a lesson. I saw a new guide. He only comes into my meditation when he’s about to show me a past life. You see, I was doing Past Life Therapy on myself before I officially learnt the technique. It came naturally to me. He took me down a path, through a mist and I was in Africa. I was married to an important man in the tribe. When I looked in his eyes, it was my ex-boyfriend in the current life. I was taken out and chained to a tree, left to die. I had humiliated him by having an affair. The man I had the affair with was my current husband (in this life). Talking to my guide, he led me to understand that my ex-boyfriend was trying to make wrongs… right. He was waiting for my husband to come into my life, and then he let me go at the right time. He let go of the chain and allowed me to go to my soul mate. My current husband. It made complete sense to me. It was like a burden had lifted, I realised that I was loveable, and worthy of love. 

I believe it takes more than one modality to help people transform and self heal, which is why I’m so passionate about Kinesiology, Reiki, Sound, Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression as an integrated self healing approach.

So now I am living my dream. I am doing something I truly love. Working with all types of people who have a whole array of challenges, helping them to find their true purpose and release blockages whether it’s using Past Life Regression, Kinesiology or an integrated approach of using more than one modality.

What my clients say!


Rosh Dahya

I have been blessed to have experienced a profound and life changing session with Blazenka.. We had a Past lives regression around relationships and Blazenkas gentle, kind and 100% supportive guidance led me back into several lifetimes where the awarenesses and learnings blew my mind. There has been energetic hooks in my field which I never knew were there and deep lessons in foregivness and energetically releasing guilt in my energy field which has been carried through multiple lives and my lineage. After the session I immediately begun to become aware of a lightness and incredible clarity which continues to expand even days after the session. I had no idea there was even a denseness to my energy that I have carried around my whole life until it was released forever. Some of the details of the previous lives that Blazenka had me recall I did some research in Google and the dates etc matched what had come out of me during the session! There have been significant noticeable differences in the way the world is responding to me since the session each day. As I don’t live in Sydney we had the session online and its incredible to know that anyone in the world has the ability to experience a profound life changing session with Blazenka harnessing the power of technology. A lot of people claim to be good at hypnosis, healing & more importantly Past Life Regression. But in my experience as a client in the past, although well intentioned I have found most to be average at best. Past Life Regression is a sacred gift, experience and technique which demands to be treated with utmost respect, care & spiritual integrity. Blazenka embodies this beyond anything and her gift and compassion for her clients exceeds all expectations.I absolutely cannot recommend Blazenka enough 100%.

Maree Allen – Testimonial

I went to Blazenka due to my weight issues. Although I knew what and when to eat, I needed to overcome my sugar and carb cravings, self-sabotage and the desire to eat constantly, even though I wasn’t hungry. Through a combination of hypnotherapy and kinesiology we were able to identify and address the emotional reasons behind my cravings, self-sabotage and overeating. I enjoyed my sessions with Blazenka very much and was sad when they came to an end. However I know longer crave carbs and sugar and for the first time in my life can happily say no to chocolate. I easily stick to my healthy eating plan and can have the occasional treat without spiralling out of control. Best of all I’m now consistently losing weight easily without dieting and feeling deprived. Another bonus is the recordings of our hypnotherapy sessions which Blazenka tailored specifically to my needs and are now a valuable resource that I can use whenever I need some reinforcement or just to help me stay on track. Blazenka is a beautiful, kind and generous woman who immediately put me at ease. With her warmth, understanding and compassion she is able to provide a safe and nurturing environment for healing. I am extremely grateful for all the help she has given me and would highly recommend her services.

Di Wood – Testimonial

I love how amazing I feel once I leave Blazenka rooms…. Blazenka records my Hypnotherapy which is fantastic so that I can listen to it again & again when & if I feel the need too…. I have been having regular kinesiology balances to help me with my stress, chronic health & pain management…. I have had some huge shifts in my stress levels & my everyday life…I would recommend Blazenka for any issue big or small Diane xx

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