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Time for You!

Are you always the last on the list? Is it time to look within and spend time working on YOU?

Kinesiology Sutherland Shire


From $120

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My Kinesiology balances are about going to the core of your being. We work through what you want to achieve, go back to the ages where the imbalance began, and find the connection. Then the self healing begins, which can be anything from releasing blocked energy, working with meridians, releasing what no longer serves us with Resonate Essences, rebalancing with tuning forks Sound Therapy. Your body knows what it needs, all I do is listen and facilitate through kinesiology.

I have helped clients relieve symptoms of anxiety in both adults and children, physical pain and ailments, rekindling your passion and achieving your goals.

A typical session of mine would include, muscle testing to clear imbalances. I go back to where the imbalance first took place. Whether this is a particular age, birth, utero or past lives. We go there to unlock the emotion and clear the blockage through different tools, such as Resonate Essences, Kinesiology tools, sound therapy, Resonate oils, basically whatever the body wants. For your body knows what it needs to heal the situation.

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Past Life Therapy


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Unlock your past lives!

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

Ever wondered whether you’re past lives are affecting your current life? Do you keep repeating the same patterns over and over again? Through Past Life Regression Therapy we can unlock the past so you can go forward in your future!

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Sound Bath

Sound Therapy


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 Sound to bring your Energy Back!

Do you feel tired or depleated? Does your energy feel zapped? Do you struggle with meditation?

The ‘Boost your Energy with Sound’ allows you to rebalance your chakras and energy field with sound .

Enjoy 1 hour of sound bliss

With a gentle meditation, I use a combination of tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls and tuning forks, to open up your chakras and allow your energy levels to reset and increase.

It is tailor made to your energy, using meditation, crystals, Resonate essences and sprays, to further enhance Sound Experience.

Learn about YOU, make connections through sound.

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Hypnotherapy - Healing Inside Out



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Passionate about becoming a better version of yourself?

Do you feel like you are on a merry go round. Constantly eating unhealthy foods, or perhaps tried all sorts of Quit Smoking programs. Stressed over exams? Hypnotherapy helps to release unwanted behaviours, addictions and more.

Is it your time to change?

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Kinesiology Sutherland Shire



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Re-energise with Reiki!

Energise the body with deep relaxation!

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality, that uses energy to promote balance in the body, mind and spirit. Being highly intuitive, with my Reiki sessions I may recieve where these blockages are visually, in the form of Past lives, images and feelings. Promoting self healing with understanding.

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Online Hypnotherapy

Online Sessions

From $120.00

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Self Healing in the privacy of your own home



If you can’t make it to my Sutherland Office, Healing Inside Out now offer Online sessions.

All you need is:


  • Good Internet Connection
  • Computer or iPad
  • Video Access via Zoom.us
  • Uninterupted space with headphones

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Sound Bath

Private Sound Baths

From $150

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Experience an hour of Sound and meditation

Do you feel tired or depleated? Does your energy feel zapped? Do you struggle with meditation?

Imagining having to go nowhere… you just invite some friends and I come to you! Feel the zen in your own place.

Added bonus

Sound helps clear energy, so give your house a boost of energy whilst you relax and enjoy. Allow the sounds to revitalise your space.

With a gentle meditation, I use a combination of tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, drumming and other instruments, to cleanse your energy and allow you to reset and increase your vibration.

Learn about YOU, make connections through sound.


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From $495

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Not sure what your after?

Want to get value for money?

From “Quit Smoking package” to “Complete Soul Alignment” Package, find out how you can live your life and heal within!

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Tarot Day at Healing Inside Out

Tarot Reading


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Gain Peace with a Message

Confirm your life path with a Tarot Reading!

Tarot reading is a technique involving deep connection to guides and intuition. You will have the oppertunity to ask a question of your choosing and I will pass the knowledge given to me from my guides. Feel confident moving forward in your life and your self healing journey through the insight gained in a Tarot session.

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Mini Soul Alignment

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