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Past Life Regression Therapy


Sound Therapy with Tuning Forks


Resonate Essence Balance


Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP


Time Line Therapy


Chakra Tune-up Balance

Everyone is unique

and that includes your self-healing journey.


Using more than one modality helps get to the core.


Imagine having a conversation with your unconscious mind. This is what hypnotherapy is, the act of embedding suggestions to allow you to think and feel differently.

Our unconscious mind stores everything you’ve ever heard and experienced. The good, the bad and all the rest. These are then developed into beliefs and patterns which sets you on your current path.

Are you wanting change? Wanting to remove limited beliefs? Hypnotherapy helps release the beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you. We can help you with weight, become a non-smoker, anxiety, depression and addictive behaviours so you can walk down the path of your desired life.

Healing Inside Out - Hypnotherapy

Whether you want a Hypnotherapy session only or need a bigger intervention. With my Kinesiology, Past life Regression Therapy, NLP and other modalities means you will receive a integrated session and not just one modality.


My Kinesiology balances are about going to the core of your being. We work through what you want to achieve, go back to the ages where the imbalance began, and find the connection. Then the self healing begins, which can be anything from releasing blocked energy, working with meridians, releasing what no longer serves us with Resonate Essences, rebalancing with tuning forks Sound Therapy. Your body knows what it needs, all I do is listen and facilitate through kinesiology.

I have helped clients relieve symptoms of anxiety in both adults and children, physical pain and ailments, rekindling your passion and achieving your goals.

A typical session of mine would include, muscle testing to clear imbalances. I go back to where the imbalance first took place. Whether this is a particular age, birth, utero or past lives. We go there to unlock the emotion and clear the blockage through different tools, such as Resonate Essences, Kinesiology tools, sound therapy, Resonate oils, basically whatever the body wants. For your body knows what it needs to heal the situation.

Past Life Therapy

Have you ever found you wondered why a specific situation keeps repeating. It maybe that you keep attracting the same style of partner. And then you may feel stuck and not know your purpose. Did you ever wonder what your life lessons are. Or is there excess baggage that you’ve brought into this lifetime? 

Past Life Therapy consists of 2 hours of hypnotherapy to delve into the depths of your memories. All my hypnotherapy sessions are taped and I use the latest in headphones and technology to keep out any unwanted noises. This deepens the session and allows me to work with people online. You don’t have to live in Sutherland to experience this therapy, as long as you have a computer with decent WiFi connection, you can experience a session anywhere in Australia.


From phobias to deep life questions, Past Life therapy has been known to help. Past Life work can help reveal these burning questions and more.


Specialised Packages

Quit Smoking Package

Quit-Smoking Hypnotherapy Sutherland

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Ready to quit for good?

Feeling like you are on a merry go round? Hypnotherapy, NLP and Kinesiolgy can help you quite for good.

With the Quit Smoking Package you will receive;

  • Pre Audio to listen to and begin the process of getting your unconscious mind to be a non-smoker
  • We look at the triggers to break the habit for good
  • 1 hour stop smoking hypnotherapy session
  • Post Audio to listen to after and keep you as a non-smoker
Get ready to save money and reap the healthy rewards!



Healthy Eating Package

Weight-Loss Hypnotherapy

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Ready for a better version of you?

Sick of eating unhealthy? Feel like your on a roller coaster with your weight and you just want to get off? Hypnotherapy, NLP and Kinesiolgy can help.

With the Healthy Eating Package you will receive;

  • Pre Audio to listen to and begin the process of getting your unconscious mind to be a healthy eater
  • We look at the triggers to break the negative habits of eating unhealthy
  • 3 x tailored eating healthy hypnotherapy sessions
  • Post Audio to listen to after and keep you as a healthy eater
Get ready to save money and feel great!



Soul Alignment Package

Healing Inside Out - Past lives

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Are you stuck in a repeating loop in your life?
Stuck in a dead end relationship where you feel you can’t get out?
You don’t understand why you keep choosing the wrong people in your life?

The Soul Alignment Program looks at all these challenges and teaches you about your intuition and empowers you to learn from your Past Lives. In this program you will experience the following;

  • Pre Audio to listen to and begin the process of getting your unconscious mind to past lives
  • You will be taught about energy, your energy versus other people’s energy
  • We will teach you techniques to muscle test yourself and be empowered with choices
  • Remove Limiting beliefs around Love, Money or Success
  • Overcoming success blockers and using Past Lives unlock this pattern
  • Overcoming repeating negative loops that you seem tied to unlock this through Past Life Regression
  • Payment plan is available
Get ready to walk your path!