Helping you release emotional stresses

with Kinesiology, Past lives, Sound, Reiki & Hypnotherapy



Kinesiology Sutherland Shire

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology, is the use of muscle testing to help restore balance to the body, mind and spirit.


Healing Inside Out - Hypnotherapy

Will I have control?

Hynotherapy brings the client in a relaxed state of suggestibility to bring on positive change.

Past Life Therapy

Healing Inside Out - Past lives

Want to unlock your past lives?

Using Hypnotherapy and Kinesiology we can unlock your past lives and create real change.

Hypnotherapy and Kinesiology comes together

At Healing Inside Out we believe not one size fits all. This is why we bring all our healing modalities together to heal within. Some prefer the connection between emotion and the issue through Kinesiology and others prefer working with the subconscious mind and bringing it to unison with the conscious mind so self healing occurs with Hypnotherapy. Truthfully it doesn’t matter what you decide, we can apply both these types of modalities or choose only one.

The first step is to notice that change is needed and you are ready for that change.



Reiki Sessions to Reset!

Do you feel sluggish or in pain? Reiki sessions can help you reset your chakras and energy field. 

Reset with Sound!


Relax with Sound and Self-Heal!

Imagine an hour of bliss. A gentle meditation with Tuning Forks to clear your chakras, Crystal and Tibetan Bowls to help you connect to your inner wisdom.

Online Sessions

Online Hypnotherapy

We are all energy!

You don’t have to come to me in Sutherland, the internet has made this sessions possible. 

Quit Smoking

Quit-Smoking Hypnotherapy Sutherland

Ready to quit for good?

Feeling like you are on a merry go round? Hypnotherapy, NLP and Kinesiolgy can help you quit for good.

Achieve your ideal size

Weight-Loss Hypnotherapy

Ready for a better version of you?

Feel like you have been on a roller coaster with achieving your ideal size? Hypnotherapy, NLP and Kinesiology can help.

Release Bad Habits

Bad-Habits - Hypnosis

Time to let it go!

Bad habits and addictions can be a thing of the past. Are you ready for change?