Past Life Regression

Unlock your past lives!

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

Ever wondered whether you’re past lives are affecting your current life? Do you keep repeating the same patterns over and over again? Through Past Life Regression Therapy we can unlock the past so you can go forward in your future!

Why Learn about Past Lives?

Do you ever wonder about …


What’s your life purpose?


Do you feel like your stuck?


Why do I feel an attachment to someone or something?


Do you feel like you keep making the same mistakes over and over again?


What lessons did I come here to learn?


Who was I in a Past Life?


Why do I keep finding myself in the same dead-end relationships?


What excess baggage has carried in to this lifetime?

Benefits of Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression has been known to help with;


Helps to self heal chronic diseases.


Helps to overcome Fears and Phobias


Improves one’s inter-personal relationships


Frees us from the fear of death once and for all


Get a better understanding of your current life

Normally $250

for April only $200

Past Life Regression

Imagine 2.5 to 3 hours of find connections and answers!

Unlock the past to go forward in your future!



Dear Past, thank you for the lessons.

Dear Future, I am Ready!


My Past Life Journey

One of my all time favorite movies is ‘Back to the Future’. There is something magical about going back in time to make wrong things right… Right! It would be a great feeling. Past Life Regression Therapy is abit like watching a movie. Something from the past. But the real magic is when you find the ‘aha’ moments, the connections to why you do what you do, or why the repeating patterns.

My past life journey began in my mid thirties and through meditation and a strong connection with my guides I went into a past life when I was asking why a specific thing happened in my life. Through meditation and trance I received many answers and understood many things. It was like I was given a key. A key to understanding and this helped me release and move forward in my current life.

As the years passed my ability to access past lives for me and my clients only grew. It became an additional ability that went hand in hand with Kinesiology. I wanted to do more though. I felt just telling people what I saw and sensed wasn’t enough. The client had to feel this, had to experience this for themselves. The next logical step was to learn Past Life Regression Therapy. In hypnosis, clients are able to access the information themselves. This gift of seeing past lives helps with my tools and guidance. Although I can see parts of their past lives, I allow the client to experience the past life with past life regression hypnosis. After all, it’s all about them it’s their healing journey.


Specialised Packages or one off Consultations

We know that 'one size fits all' is not the case with Hypnotherapy, this is why we have put specific packages together. One off consultations are available. Contact us today to discuss what unlocks your past life to your self-healing.

Lessons from the Past

Mini Soul Alignment Package

Mini Soul Alignment

More Details
Ready to unlock your Deep Questions?

Investment: $495

With the Mini Soul Alignment Package you will receive;

  • Resonate Essence Connect Spray Vibrations (Worth $44)
  • Resonate Essence Clarity or Connect Essence (Worth $25)
  • Sound balance to reset your chakras (Worth $80)
  • 2 hour Kinesiology session to find any blocks to your higher purpose (Worth $150)
  • Past Life Regression session that’s taped to keep (Worth $200)
  • Links to meditations & releasing blocks (Worth $20)
  • A channelled message from your guide for clarity (Worth $100)

Unlock your blocks in 3 sessions and find clarity to your questions!

Lessons from the Past

Complete Soul Alignment Breakthrough Package

Soul Alignment Breakthrough


More Details
Ready to unlock your Past Lives?

With the Complete Soul Alignment Breakthrough Package you will receive;

  • Two pre Audio's to listen to and begin the process of getting your unconscious mind to Soul Alignment
  • Learn and understand about your energy
  • How to muscle test yourself and empower yourself with answers
  • Hypnosis to find your 'safe place' that is useful for meditation
  • Release emotions; anger, sadness, fear, hurt & guilt
  • Remove limiting beliefs
  • Message from the Guides
  • Two Kinesiology sessions to clear current life blocks
  • Three Hypnotherapy sessions to find a past lives that will help you find your answers
Unlock your past lives in 7 sessions and have a complete breakthrough to your questions!