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Unlock your creative genius

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Do you feel like your creative side is being squashed down due to society? Would you like to awaken that part of your brain?

Lately I have been reading about how society and life squeezes the creative side of us out. The rules and logic of ‘life’ that take over and we feel we must comply. We must fit inside the ‘normal’ box. Whatever ‘normal’ is.

Well lately I’ve been on this Super Brain quest with Jim Kwik. He often talks about the brain not being fixed like a shoe size. That it can and does grow.

If this is the case with learning, then we could apply the same rules and exercise our brains to unlock our creative side. Right?

In my meditation I got these 5 tips to unlock your creative brain.

  1. Spend 15 minutes to just play!

Kid-PlayThat’s right. It sounds so simple, to just play. If you have children under 5, or find friends who have little children. Spend 15 minutes with them. Go down, sit on the floor with them and ask which imagination game they would like to play. Perhaps they would like to play tea parties, or play on a pretend pirate ship sailing down the seas. Or maybe they would like to slay the dragon and become the hero. Become immersed in their game and use your imagination.

  1. Colour in!

There are so many books and magazines that offer pictures to colour in. There are so many benefits of colouring in. In brings in the focus of now, relieves stress and allows you to use your creative side. Choose colours you feel drawn to, pay attention to the colours you have chosen. Do they mean anything? Or are you happy to just be in the zone and colour in. Even spending 5 minutes to colour in will bring you into a new awareness about your self. It will reduce any stress and tension and allow your creative side to just flow. Here are some links to colour in templates. Colour-In

  1. Dance!

Go into a room, put your favorite music on. And DANCE. No one is watching. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath and allow your body to move the way you would like it to. No judgement, just notice how your body moves to the music. Choose music that makes you happy, that uplifts your soul. And express your feelings through dance. Dance for you.

  1. Spend 15 minutes of guided meditation

Most of us know that meditation is great for the mind, body and soul. The relaxation response from meditation has been known to lower blood pressure, improve heart rate and breathing. I would like to choose a meditation that allows your creative brain to grow. Look up some guided meditation that is specific to allowing your creative side to flow.

  1. Do things with your non dominant hand

Using your non dominant hand helps your neurological pathways to grow. Try doing the following activities with your non dominant hand;

  • Draw, write or colour in
  • Brush your teeth or your hair
  • Build lego with your children
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All these exercises will expand your neurological pathways. Allowing your logical brain to get out of the way and bring in the creative side of you. Unlock your creative Genius

Have fun and allow your creative side to flourish.