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Online Workshops

12 weeks

Learn Tarot

A detailed Tarot workshop over a 12 week span

Discover yourself and enhance your intuition…

Have you ever wanted to go deeper into Tarot. Not just learn what the cards say, but link into your guidance and expand your knowledge in this ancient art? This 12 week ONLINE workshop, begins in November, with a short break in between to cater for Christmas, returning back in January.

Deepen your intuition with Tarot

Begin your Tarot Journey!

You will finish this 12 week series with a greater understanding on Tarot, a deeper way to connect and feel more confident reading Tarot.

Find the magic of Tarot!

What you will gain from these classes:


In depth information on the Major and Minor Arcana


Learn many different layouts for Tarot


Learn about the symbology


History of Tarot


A detailed PDF about Tarot, and details on each card


Many chances to practice and get good at your craft


Enhance your psychic senses to increase your intuition


Tips and techniques to enhance your Tarot reading


Enjoy a connection with like-minded souls




EVENING Class- 7pm to 9pm 

Begins 6th July 2022 to 10th Aug 2022

Restarts 7th Sept 2022 to 12th Oct 2022

** Limited to 12 spots only **



Your home – ONLINE only


$388 for all 12 sessions


Pay as you go… $35 for each session

$70 deposit to reserve your spot

24 hours of Learning

Have you always wanted to learn more about Tarot?

Do you want to find your own answers, whilst deepening your intuition?

This series is from 7pm to 9pm every week on Wednesday nights, ONLINE only.

This Tarot workshop series goes into detail of Tarot and their meanings. We will get ample time to perfect our craft, link into our intuition and enhance our senses.

Bring your own Tarot card set.


What a wonderful experience to be part of Blazenka’s 12 week Tarot Course! 

As someone who only had previously dabbled in reading tarot for myself, I learned how to tap into my intuition, met my tarot guide via guided meditation and gained confidence in reading tarot for others. 

Met some amazing people along the way and thoroughly enjoyed their company through daily contact. Shared secrets, had both serious moments and laughs in a trusted environment. 

Highly recommend for the novice or experienced reader. There’s always something else to learn and share. 

Thanks Blazenka for a highly enjoyable 12 weeks. 

Feeling grateful XO

~ Alexis

I was comfortable working with Oracle cards but never really connected with Tarot until I decided to do Blazenka’s Tarot course.
Now I love pulling Tarot cards daily for guidance.
I feel confident using my cards for my own readings and even to do readings for others.
Thank you Blazenka- you are amazing!

~ Sam

I have just completed the 12 week zoom Tarot course with Blazenka.
She is an excellent teacher who strives to bring the best out in you.
I’ve enjoyed the course and come out of it feeling more confident using tarot.
Thank you Blazenka

~ Lorraine

An absolutely incredible 12 weeks! The perfect mix of learning and doing – we would learn the meanings of the cards and then practice using them on each other.

Blazenka’s energy was, as always, quirky and engaging. The 12 weeks flew by too quickly!

Overall, I can’t recommend this course highly enough. I learnt so much about myself and my energy as well as Tarot. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to learn and grow with this group of amazing people.

~ Nanci

The 12 Week Tarot program was amazing. The online format gave me an opportunity that in person classes would not have offered. The length of the weekly sessions was a great mix of theory and practice, the workbook information made it easy for me to practice between lessons and Blazenka was informative, knowledgeable, kind and constructive in her coaching. Highly recommend the 12 week Tarot program .

– Cath



This 12 weeks of learning opportunity will be run by

Blazenka Bradley

Blazenka is a energy healer, working with clearing your blocks using Kinesiology, Past Life Therapy, Reiki, Sound Therapy, Transference Healing, Tarot & Intuitive Reader and Hypnotherapy. She runs succesful and regular energy workshops and sound healing bath meditations.