Build your business –

Practical Tips and Techniques

Let Your Business Shine!


Empower yourself to have the successful business you deserve!

Becoming a successful practitioner and business owner is a long and CHallenging process

But, luckily, we have done it before. And successfully too!

All wellness business owners and practitioners welcome – spaces are limited

During this full day workshop we will be imparting our wisdom in both the practical areas and the spiritual areas of making sure your business shines.

1 Full Day of Learning

Do you own a wellness business, but just can’t seem to find clients? Or perhaps you have clients, but your burnt out due to ‘doing everything’.

Are you just getting started and want to know what you should be focussing your energy on to build your business successfully?

Building a successful business can be one of the most challenging journeys you take. However, it can also be one of the most rewarding.

There are a lot of different things to take into account, and it can be hard to keep track of them all alongside a busy day-to-day life. In this workshop, we will aim to break down the steps you need to take to Let Your Business Shine.

$50 to Reserve Your Spot today!

Limited to 11 Spots in person and 11 spots online!

Location :

Suite 1, 728 Old Princes Highway,

Sutherland, NSW, 2232 Australia

Your Investment

$125 per person



Sunday 25th September 2022

(10am to 4pm)

What you will learn!

Physical Care

  • Let’s go deeper into your marketing strategies (Facebook, Insta, LinkedIn – what’s best for you?)
  • Let’s work smarter not harder, looking at Hootesuite, Active Campaign etc.
  • What is your existing website doing for you? WordPress versus a general themed website, SEO and more.
  • Branding, do you have one and how can you improve

Mental & Emotional Care

  • Are both your conscious and your subconscious on board with making this business susccessful?
  • Do you have self-sabotage programs stopping you from excelling in your business?

Spiritual Care

  • We are the creators of our own reality, but how do we actually do that?
  • Manifesting your BEST business and clients.

The facilitators are

Blazenka Bradley & NAnci BRADLEy



Blazenka is the successful owner and primary practitioner of Healing Inside Out. Her extensive knowledge as a Programmer, Website builder, Social media administrator have helped her create a successful small business called Photos4fun as well as Healing Inside Out.



Nanci is the ‘right hand’ woman for Blazenka. Running all the social media, building the websites, and handling the administration, whilst juggling a degree in Interior Design and diploma in Kinesiology.