Blog: High School and mobile phones – Is it smart?

High School and mobile phones – is it smart?

by | Aug 27, 2017 | Blog | 0 comments

In today’s technological world the phone is a MUST in just about every part of everyday life. I know I’m the same. I tend to have the phone with me constantly. I have 3 businesses, so need to be in contact 24/7. There have been other studies around about  “how smart is it to allow the mobile phones at school“. They talk about the distractions the mobile phone can bring and look at data of test results when there is a mobile phone ban at schools. But I wonder if the results would be different if the kids were banned to have the mobile phone physically on them. So yes, they can have it in their bag, but just not on them physically. Would this change the results?

Phone addictions

So are there disadvantages of our kids having a phone on them? I’m talking about having it in their pockets whilst their at school. I know that my children’s school has a rule that they cannot use their phones at school, but that doesn’t stop them from having the phone on them. My concern is what it does to them. How it affects their brain.

As a kinesiologist and since doing this work and having energy work done on me. My connection to ‘seeing’ energy whilst working on people has increased. I can see the chakra’s and energy of people whilst I do kinesiology balances on them. Of course with muscle testing, mobile phones switch most people off. This is proof in my eyes, however, I can also ‘see’ first hand what it does to my kids energy. I’ve taught my two to remove the mobile phone from them whilst they are at school, even the Apple Watch. Especially if they are about to do a test. Even if its just a ‘pre test’. Learning in class and having a mobile phone is one sure way to make your brain become sluggish. My daughter has seen the difference how the phone scrambles her brain. She now makes sure its nowhere near her. If she’s working, doing tests, homework etc, she will ensure the phone is not on her body. She has felt the difference. Once whilst at work she noticed she wasn’t thinking straight. I asked her if her phone was on her body. She realised that she had it in her pocket because she had forgotten her bag that day. The following week at work, she had her phone in the bag and could think clearer. This was proof to her.

I have to take regular phone calls on my mobile. I try and ensure that the phone is on speaker phone. Most of my calls happen to be in the car which allows me to have it on ‘hands free’ speaker phone. Recently I had to take 2 calls outside of the car. One call lasted 5 minutes on my mobile. After having the phone by my ear, I had physical pain on the side of my face. Shortly after I had to take another call, which lasted only 2 minutes. I used the other ear because of the pain. After that 2 minute call, my headache was so severe. It took 1 hour for it go away. If this occurred with me taking a few mobile calls, imagine what it would do if it were in your child’s pocket whilst at school?


Try this test on your kids. Get them to read a piece of text out loud, or do a simple math’s test, without a phone on them. Then repeat the test with the phone on their body. See what the results are in person. You maybe lucky and find they are fine. But the results I’ve physically seen on people/kids have been hard to ignore. I have no medical proof of this, I only have what I can “see” and what I can “feel”.

Is there a corresponding link to kids having a decrease in learning? Is it all coincidental or is there a link? My personal opinion is, how great technology is, its also hurting us, hurting our children. So I do believe moderation is definitely key.

Do your kids a favour, take that mobile phone away, especially if you want them to think. You’ll be amazed how much clearer they think. It seriously scrambles our brains. Keep the phone in moderation and keep it away from them at school. If they need to talk to you on the phone, get them to speak to you on speaker phone and keep it to a minimum. Even if you do it as an experiment to see what the outcome is. You may even find they actually perform better at school.