Blog: Is this really my pain?

Is this really my pain?

by | Mar 26, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

We have pain many times a day. Some more than others. Headache, achy limbs, unexpected shooting pain. Is this pain really yours? PainIn Kinesiology, one of the possible scenarios is surrogacy. It’s a finger mode we use to ascertain whether the client’s pain or emotion is really theirs. I experienced this the other day. I’ve experienced surrogacy pain in the past and on average, if I was to scale the pain out of 10, for me its usually a 4 out of 10, when its actually surrogacy.


Lets back track here and explain what a surrogate is. The dictionary terms for surrogate are “a substitute, especially a person deputizing for another in a specific role or office”. In Kinesiology terms, when someone is surrogating for someone else, they are taking on the other persons pain or emotion, to lighten their load, so to speak. Its not intentional and I see it happen a lot for mothers with their children. This is my strongest experience of surrogacy. Here is my story. is this your pain?It was a regular Friday. I was getting dinner ready for my family and later that night I was going to have a ‘date night’ with my husband. We haven’t had many date nights, so I was eager to spend some alone time with hubby. As I was cooking, my hips were becoming more and more painful. I could only describe the pain as when you’ve overstretched yourself with trying to do splits. I can tell you right now, which would not be me. I’ve never accomplished doing the splits in my life. The pain was increasing and now the pain was in my right knee too. I was beginning to think, I wouldn’t be able to go out with my husband. The pain was a 7 out of 10 at this stage and I was close to have a nurafen (anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t take pain killers easily). My daughter could see me limping and asked if I was okay. I mentioned my pain and she said, “oh wow, I also have hip pain but its because I overstretched the other day at physical culture.” Her age group does do splits, so I can understand that this would be the case for her. It was her physical pain. I had a feeling that maybe I was actually feeling her pain. So I did my usual Kinesiology muscle testing, and low and behold, yes I was surrogating for my daughter. A part of me was afraid of leaving the kids at home so I could go out with hubby. So my body was bringing up a pain so I could have an excuse not to go out. After asking the body (through muscle testing) I found the emotional link and cleared the surrogacy (I used some Kinesiology techniques). Within seconds I was back to normal. The pain completely went away. Even though I experience the amazing aspects of Kinesiology everyday, I must admit this was the strongest pain I’d felt in regards to surrogacy. I would have taken that pain as mine, when in fact it really wasn’t. I was able to remove this with Kinesiology.


So the next time you have a headache or some kind of pain, I’d like you to ask…. Is this pain really yours? I’ve taught my kids techniques on how to know whether a pain is theirs or not.surrogate - Kinesiology Would this be something of interest to you? Do you want to learn the basics? Contact me to book some sessions to get to know yourself better.