Sound Bath

Sound Bath – Online or at Sutherland

Daniela and I bring you an hour of relaxation, where you are bathed in sound. Using a combination of Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Drum, Gongs and other beautiful instruments. Daniela uses her wonderful voice to enhance the Sound Experience.

We guide you with a meditation to trigger the relaxation response and you will leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and restored.

When : Our next Sound Bath is on the

  • 9th July 2020 ** FULLY BOOKED
  • 13th August 2020 ** FULLY BOOKED
  • 3rd September 2020 ** FULLY BOOKED
  • 15th October 2020 ** FULLY BOOKED
  • 5th November 2020
  • 3rd December 2020

Where : Online Zoom OR Sutherland (limited to 6 spots – due to Covid19)

Investment : by donation


Benefits of Sound

  • Allow sound to bring you into a deeper relaxation
  • Sounds and vibrations has been know to help us recover from a wide variety of ailments
  • The tones and vibrations helps slow down breathing, slow down the mind, access your inner knowing
  • Produces a deep sense of calmness and wellbeing
  • Supports relaxation and balance our nervous system
  • Increase your physical energy
  • Tap into your Inner Guidance

Please transfer your Donation amount to the following account details with your name and ‘SoundBath’:

Bank: BankWest Pty Ltd

Name: Bradley Solutions Pty Ltd
BSB: 302162
AC#: 0722048