Psychic Development Circle

with Mirella

Aura-Soma Practitioner


Tuesdays fortnightly, 7pm to 9pm, beginning 8/3/22




Healing Inside Out

Suite 1, 728 Old Princes Highway

Sutherland NSW 2232

Strengthen your connection to guides, spirit and more.

A welcoming and supportive psychic development circle where you will be given an oppertunity to understand and deepen your own spiritual gifts in the company of like-minded people.

Each week we will explore a different topic to add to your psychic toolbox. We will cover mediumship, psychometry, photo readings, platform practice, pendulum work, remote viewing, trance mediumship, spirit signs and symbols and so much more. All are welcome.

Please note that classes are limited to 10 people, and that you need to book prior to the class.

Contact Mirella to reserve your spot!

Phone: 0412 061 452

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Suite 1, 728 Old Princes Highway, Sutherland NSW 2232

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