Inner Peace

Evening Circle

Meditation with Yanna

Aura-Soma Practitioner


Healing Inside Out

Suite 1, 728 Old Princes Highway

Sutherland NSW 2232

Expand your mind, body and soul.

Meditation really is medication. Join Yanna on a monthly inner peace night. Where we get together to work on our chakras, experience the healing benefits of meditation and connect with like-minded souls.

Please note that classes are capped (due to covid restrictions), and that you need to book prior to the class.


Inclusions: Yoga mats are available at the location.

Comfortable clothes are recommended for this class.

Contact Yanna direct for your spot

0414 363 633

Next Meditation night:

20th May 2022

17th June 2022

22nd July 2022

26th Aug 2022

23rd Sept 2022

21st Oct 2022

18th Nov 2022

7pm to 8.30pm



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Suite 1, 728 Old Princes Highway, Sutherland NSW 2232

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