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2 day workshop

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Would you like to add Essential Oils to your current Wellness business?


Learn why the sense of smell is linked to our memories

Scent Hologram

Discover the power of Essential Oils in your business

This two-day workshop is ideal to gain more detail in the Scent Hologram. We use 36 single essential oils and these oils are specifically chosen for their known ability to support each of the specific organ systems connected to the 14 meridians.

Sense of Smell 

Your ability to smell comes from specialised sensory cells, called olfactory sensory neurons, which are found in a small patch of tissue high inside the nose. These cells connect directly to the brain.

The Process of Smell 

Odor molecules in the form of chemical compounds that float in the air, reach the nostrils and dissolve in the mucosa of the nose, located on the roof of each nostril. Once dissolved, specialised olfactory receptor neurons detect the odor.

Activation of these receptors generates nerve impulses that are sent directly to the olfactory bulb and from there to the cerebral cortex, where sensation occurs.

In the olfactory bulb, the sensory receptors responsible for transmitting the messages of the scents, send the information to two areas, the frontal lobe and the limbic system. The frontal lobe is responsible for recognizing the odor. The limbic system is related to memory and emotions.

When the two brain centres receive the nerve impulses of the scents, they trigger strong emotions based on previous experiences because the limbic system has access to situational memories, people or places related to the perceived olfactory sensations.

Relationship with our memories

Why is the sense of smell linked to our memories? Our sensitivity for perceiving odours, combined with our capacity to associate stimuli, makes our sense of smell a direct link to our memory.

How many times have you been at a store or just walking around and a perfume odour hits your nose and you remember someone dear to you? The smell of bread from a bakery might make us hungry, the smell of chlorine reminds us of the summer, the smell of coffee reminds us of breakfast or work.

There is an infinity of associations between different smells and memories. What is clear is that there are certain smells that can trigger very specific memories that can affect how we feel. Therefore, smells have an emotional component.

Essential Oils

In the Chakra Scent Hologram we use 20 Essential Oil Blends. These are chosen for their known affinity to the each of the specific Chakras.



Day 1 - Scent Hologram

  1. The five Senses
  2. Sense of Smell
  3. Introduction to 36 essential oils for 14 meridians yin and yang options
  4. The Master oil Cistus
  5. Benefits of inhaling essential oils
  6. Locating the master nostril
  7. Essential Oil Chart
  8. Scent Hologram
  9. Safe use of Essential Oils

Day 2 - Chakra Scent Hologram

  1. Diffusing Essential Oils
  2. Making a roll-on blend
  3. Chakra System
  4. Chakra Meditation
  5. Introduction to Chakra Blends yin and yang options
  6. Chakra Blends Chart
  7. Chakra Scent Hologram
  8. Incorporating Holographic Procedures


  • AP2 Scent Hologram Workbook
  • AP Essential Oil Reference Charts
  • Comprehensive Product guide
  • Personal Scent Blend
  • Personal Chaka Scent Blend
  • Sample of Cistus Essential Oil

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Thursday & Friday

May 20th & 21st 2021

10am to 5pm


$495  (Deposit $100)


Location : Sutherland

Healing Inside Out

Suite1, 728 Old Princes Highway, Sutherland

Run by:

This 2 day workshop is run by Sherrill Taylor

International Institute of Applied Physiology – Trainer Sherril Taylor

Sherrill Taylor
About Sherrill

I started my search for healing knowledge and began my career with the study of Acupuncture in 1992.  Acupuncture gave me wonderful techniques and theory, but I was still searching for yet a deeper understanding of our healing abilities. I attended an Applied Physiology Master class in Anatomy and Physiology with Richard Utt in 1998 where I suddenly realized the answer to what I was looking for was with Applied Physiology Hologram program!  Applied Physiology is the crown jewel of the healing modalities.  Richard’s depth of wisdom and understanding concerning healing the body and how we are wired was limitless.  

Richard asked me to come to Tucson and train to teach his work. I felt blessed at this wonderful opportunity. I went on to study with Richard Utt, the American founder of International Institute of Applied Physiology in Tucson, Arizona and became an International Facilitator in 2000.  Sadly Richard Utt our creative genius passed away in 2012. I have dedicated my future to Applied Physiology and am committed to making this professional training available to the world. My love for this modality, and my personal passion and wealth of experience is felt when attending my classes.  

Quote “All Encompassing Love = the total and complete acceptance and implementation of all physical and metaphysical laws of the universe known or unknown.”  Richard D. Utt

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Mini Soul Alignment - A taster


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Mini Soul Alignment Package


  • Session is the initial Kinesiology session, to get the complete picture (Worth $195)
  • Personalised meditation to setup your energy to get into alignment with you (Worth $50)
  • Resonate Essence Spray (Worth $48)
  • Designed Essence (Worth $20)
  • Past Life Regression (Worth $225)
  • Sound Balance to reset the chakras (Worth $95)



Total Worth $633

Package Special $550

Not included is any additional product (not specified above) , example; sprays, essences, crystals, magnesium etc.

Sound Bath

The Sampler - One of everything!


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I’ll have one of everything - Package

  • 1st Session is the initial Kinesiology session, to get the complete picture (Worth $195)
  • Personalised meditation to setup your energy to get into alignment with you (Worth $50)
  • Sound Therapy Session (Worth $95)
  • Transference Healing Session (Worth $120)
  • Past Life Regression (Worth $225)
  • Teach you about your energy and tools on how to release (Worth $50)

Total Worth $735

Package Special $650

Not included is any product, example; sprays, essences, crystals, magnesium etc.

Soul Alignment Breakthrough

Complete Soul Alignment


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Complete Soul Alignment Package


  • 1st Session is the initial Kinesiology session, to get the complete picture (Worth $195)
  • Personalised meditation to setup your energy to get into alignment with you (Worth $50)
  • The next 4 Kinesiology / Hypnotherapy sessions are to breakthrough subconscious blocks. I ask the body through muscle testing (in the first session) to find the format of what your body and energy field wants (Worth $780)
  • Sound Balance to reset the chakras (Worth $95)
  • Past Life Regression (Worth $225)
  • 1 x Channelled message from your guide (Worth $100)
  • 1 x Transference Healing Session (Worth $120)

Total Worth $1565

Special Package price $1299


Not included is any product , example; sprays, essences, crystals, magnesium etc.

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