time to self-heal

7 online workshops

Enhance your Chakra’s

Self-heal your chakra’s and watch them sparkle…

Discover yourself and enhance each chakra…

Root Chakra, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye and Crown Chakra

Why join these classes?

Chakra’s are energy centers, they govern how we feel, how we act and how we grow!

When you work within magic happens!

Whether you’ve worked on your chakra’s before or not, as we evolve other “stuff” comes up, ready for healing.

What you will gain from these classes:


A pre scan of your chakra's

** only when booked all 7 sessions


Art pre pack to help balance chakra's

** only when booked all 7 sessions


Exercises to self-heal your chakra's


Reiki to help heal chakra's


A post scan of your chakra's to see how far you have come!

** only when booked all 7 sessions


Meditations to find blocks within chakra's


In depth information about each chakra




January 17th 2021 – 9am to 11am – BASE Chakra

January 31st 2021 – 9am to 11am – SACRAL Chakra

February 14th 2021 – 9am to 11am – SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra

February 28th 2021 – 9am to 11am – HEART Chakra

March 21st 2021 – 9am to 11am – THROAT Chakra

April 11th 2021 – 9am to 11am – 3RD EYE Chakra

May 2nd 2021 – 9am to 11am – CROWN Chakra


$100 to Reserve Your Spot today!

Pay for all 7 Sessions – $385 


$59 per session (Chakra Scans and Art work is not included for singular sessions)

7 Sessions of Learning and Healing

Do you feel like you have blockages in your chakra’s?

Finding it hard to shift some emotions?

This workshop spans over a 15 week period. We meet online every two to three weeks for a 2 hour morning of learning, from the comfort of your own home.

You will learn to use find blockages, self-heal them and go on a self discovery journey within.

What you can expect:

  • A pre scan of your chakra’s using the Healy machine
  • Exercises to self-heal your chakra’s
  • Meditations and techniques to find blocks within your chakra’s
  • Art pack to help unleash your creative side and self-heal
  • Reiki to help self-heal what comes out of your meditations.
  • In depth information about each chakra
  • A final post scan of your chakra’s to see how far you’ve come.



ONLINE via Zoom only

This 7 session learning opportunity will be run by

Blazenka Bradley & Daniela Mallozzi.