Blog: Do I fix you?

Do I fix you?

by | Nov 8, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

Even though my ego would love to say ‘yes’ to that question. The truth is no.

Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression doesn’t “fix” anything. They’re tools to help me listen to your body, tap into your subconscious to release emotions, embed suggestions and to change your patterns into a positive one. Any Kinesiologist or Hypnotherapist practitioner that claims to treat, diagnose or fix you. Run a mile.


With using muscle testing and other tools this allow us practitioners to unlock the reasons why you do what you do. Find what the blocks are and then release them using different techniques.


Its like we found the ‘mouse’ to your computer and now we are navigating to find the answers you need and want. In theory, we are helping you close down those open tabs, reboot and clean that disc of yours.

Finding the emotional connection is key in my work. Without the understanding, the release cannot happen. How can we release something if we didn’t realize we are still holding onto it, on some level?


I absolutely love this work, and find it so rewarding when I have clients find their own ‘aha’ moments. Just like a hairdresser may feel proud when their client leaves the salon looking beautiful. I feel so proud when I see the energetic shift that my clients have when they work on their “inner” self.


So in reality, you fix yourself.