Ayama Yoga

Hatha with Jess

Aura-Soma Practitioner


Monday, 6pm to 7pm

Saturday, 8am to 9am




Healing Inside Out

Suite 1, 728 Old Princes Highway

Sutherland NSW 2232

Expand your mind, body and soul.

Yoga is the ultimate combination of helping your body and your mind. It allows you to reset your mind, rejuvenate your soul, and revitalise your body. All in one beautiful form of exercise. Hatha yoga is the form she most often teaches. It involves balancing your energies through a set of yoga poses and breathing techniques, in the way you probably picture yoga before you learn all its facets.

This class is run by Jess, who has learnt and grown under yogis in Rishikesh, India. Her experiences have allowed her to create a space of tolerance, respect and self reflection both in her own studio, and in each of her classes here at Healing Inside Out. 

Please note that classes are capped (due to covid restrictions), and that you need to book prior to the class.


Inclusions: Yoga mats are available at the location.

Comfortable clothes are recommended for this class.

Contact Jess to reserve your spot!

Phone: 0432 763 326



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