Kinesiology Diploma

AP3 Structural Observation

Happiness workshop

The third section of the Kinesiology Diploma of Applied Physiology

AP2 is a pre-requisite for this course.

12 day course, split over three weeks


Structural Balancing

A very simple set-up technique is taught for balancing the vertebrae. Our posture is defined by the position of our spine. 


Centering covers three of most important correction techniques used in Applied Physiology.  Working with a series of reflexes and acting on the muscles attached to the Hyoid bone, you can bring balance to the body, from neurological, physical, emotional or biochemical disturbances.

Centering addresses the imbalances of gait, cloacal reflexes and the muscles that attach to the Hyoid bone in the front of the neck. It deepens the relationship between postural imbalances and electromagnetic fields. Acupressure is used in specific sequences to balance the centering imbalances.

  • Gait: In this technique the student will learn to test the cross-movements of the body. This correction is very useful for problems with motor co-ordination, switching, painful muscles, after an injury, and cases of hyperactivity and dyslexia. 
  • Hyoid: Correcting the hyoid is a very deep electromagnetic correction, balancing the motor system and various cognitive areas of the brain. The hyoid system and has important relationship with articulation problems of the temporomandibular joint.
  • Cloacal: With this technique, we test the synchronization of the cranial and sacral motion. The cloacal synchronization technique refers to Cloacal reflexes, but also to the Basic Vestibular Reflexes, to the Neck Reflexes and Visual Righting Reflexes. We have a “righting” mechanism which is fundamental to the control and co-ordination of our posture and extremely effective to re-center the nervous system in general.
Cranial Hologram

In this section the student will become acquainted with the Cranial technique. The cranial imbalance is said to impact our freedom of movement physically and metaphysically.  How free do you feel?

There 112 possible movements creating the co-ordinates out of the book Atlas of Manipulative Cranial techniques.  This book was translated from French to English.  Dr. Fulford is the grandfather of cranial.  Richard was 30 at the time, he would not take anyone over 33 and Richard was lucky enough to experience his amazing technique.

It doesn’t seem like anything is happening with the cranials, but tremendous physiological things are taking place. The cranial bones are in constant movement and the cranial sacral part we look at in Applied Physiology is to find the very specific combination of movements required to apply to allow and restore movement to the synchronicity of the cranial expansion and contraction phases.

Cranial Nerves

This set up allows the student to access the Cranial Nerves and their connection to their related functions.  This incredible section is the first very deep and specific observation into the nervous system of the body.

Muscle Hologram

The 1st hologram ever invented was the muscle hologram, Richard Utt’s 14 positions within a muscle. The Ruffini end organs tell the muscle where the entire limb is in relation to the muscle. They tell the position of the joint. The Pacinian corpuscles tells the brain the movement of the muscle. The muscle doesn’t work by itself. The muscles also work with synergists. In kinesiology we try to isolate one muscle, but we are really balancing the muscle and all its synergists. When we work with the 16 muscles of Applied Physiology, we can be sure we are working with at least 80% of the muscles in the body, as we are also working with the synergists. In this intensive specific hologram, we assess the specific reference muscles that are out of balance to the Prime Mover Muscle.

5 Houses of Chi

In this section the student will study the deeper methods used in traditional Chinese medicine to balance the acupuncture system.  There are several different ways to move energy through the meridian system.  When we do this, we must follow specific pathways or cycles in the Law of 5 Houses.  These are the Sheng cycle, also known as the Creative Cycle, and the Ko Cycle also known as the destructive cycle.

The Creative cycle is the regenerative cycle, and we harness this system using specific acupressure points according to the Laws of 5 Houses, to assist the body toward healing.  


Structural Observation

Kinesiology Diploma of Applied Physiology

In this module we will learn how to balance our structural and neurological communication in the body.

Have you ever thought of how do you move your body?  What kind of attitude defines the way you articulate your body movements?

These are the types of questions we ask throughout structural observation. We observe the posture of a person in a variety of states: standing, seated, moving. In this module we look at the body’s relationship to the bones and our balance during movement. 

We also observe how we organize our life.  What kind of structure do we use to manage our day and how do we implement this structure?  Are we accountable, are we bound to another’s system? 

Traditions, responsibilities and loyalties are often observed.  Our lives are governed by our environmental structures.

You will learn:

  • Basic Kinesiology muscle testing technique of the Anterior Deltoid and the famous “pause lock technique” developed by Richard Utt
  • Theory and use of 6 different Kinesiology modes
  • The names and locations of the Master Source Point and the relevant 12 Source points necessary for balancing the TMJ.
  • How to use a Tai Shin (Acupressure tool)
  • You will learn the location and the names of 12 TMJ muscles and their relationship to 6 specific TMJ movements
  • You will learn how to palpate and torque these muscles in the correct direction to improve their function
  • You will learn 5 individual correction procedures (neurological muscle palpation, Specific Acupressure sequences, Neuro-lymphatic massage points, Neurovascular pulse points & stress receptor stimulation)

Who is this for?

  • People who want to become Kinesiology Practitioners
  • Existing Wellness Practitioners
  • Existing Kinesiologists, if they would like additional techniques for their practice



Course Units:

  • Centering: Cloacals
  • Gaits and Hyoids
  • TMJ
  • Cranial Hologram
  • Cranial Nerves
  • Muscle Hologram
  • 5 Houses of Chi
  • PIT
  • Structure
  • Balance
  • Posture
  • Flexibility
  • Freedom to be!
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International Institute of Applied Physiology – Trainer Sherril Taylor

Sherril Taylor
About Sherrill
I started my search for healing knowledge and began my career with the study of Acupuncture in 1992.  Acupuncture gave me wonderful techniques and theory, but I was still searching for yet a deeper understanding of our healing abilities. I attended an Applied Physiology Master class in Anatomy and Physiology with Richard Utt in 1998 where I suddenly realized the answer to what I was looking for was with Applied Physiology Hologram program!  Applied Physiology is the crown jewel of the healing modalities.  Richard’s depth of wisdom and understanding concerning healing the body and how we are wired was limitless.

Richard asked me to come to Tucson and train to teach his work. I felt blessed at this wonderful opportunity. I went on to study with Richard Utt, the American founder of International Institute of Applied Physiology in Tucson, Arizona and became an International Facilitator in 2000.  Sadly Richard Utt our creative genius passed away in 2012. I have dedicated my future to Applied Physiology and am committed to making this professional training available to the world. My love for this modality, and my personal passion and wealth of experience is felt when attending my classes.

Quote “All Encompassing Love = the total and complete acceptance and implementation of all physical and metaphysical laws of the universe known or unknown.”  Richard D. Utt

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