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Spirit of Essence, Sydney. Vicki Romanic, originally from New Zealand now lives and practices 4 holistic healing modalities in Sydney, NSW.

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Pranic Healing: $100 for 1 hour

Everyone has an energy system, a life force or life-energy, known as Prana. Our life energy affects our physical well-being; our health, our emotions, our ability to handle stress, our relationships. Pranic Healing is a proven and widely used method of holistic health that uses Prana Energy taken from the sun, the air and the ground to cleanse, rejuvenate, balance and harmonise your body and heal both physical & emotional imbalances. This is a non touch modality.

Flower Essence Therapy: $150 for 1.5 hours (incl. a take-home essence blend)

Flower Essences have subtle vibrational healing properties created when processing the flower to make flower essences. Flower Essences do not smell of the flower they
What this means is that the vibration from the flower works with your subtle body or energy body and helps to unravel the blockages that are creating one not to move forward.
Our body is made up of meridian channels of Chi energy or vital force, which are connected to different parts of the physical body. The meridian pathways and acu-point
doorways each have specific qualities which align them with specific flower essences.

Vicki started her healing journey in 2003 as a mother of two young children. Feeling unfulfilled and unsure which direction her life was going, Vicki found Pranic Healing to be helpful with her own healing journey. So impressed with the results, she began studying the world of energy healing and found a new direction for her life, one that sits particularly well with her natural empathy and compassion – to help others.

Vicki began her career as an Energy worker (Pranic Healing) over 15 years ago and has since expanded her modalities with Flower Essence Therapy which she has been practising for the past 10 years.

Vicki offers 4 holistic energy healing modalities in Sydney. Each of these four natural healing therapies have their differences but have one common goal – to help you, emotionally and spiritually. Combined they are extremely powerful tools for mind, body and spiritual well-being.

Crystal Facial Rejuvenation: $50 for 30 mins

Crystal facial rejuvenation is a wonderful, natural and harmless way to brighten up your facial skin without using chemicals. It is painless, non evasive and totally relaxing. This procedure is done by using special crystals that will help remove built up energy around the face and work on reducing fine lines, spots, dark circles under eyes and any other blemishes on the face.

Flower Essence Pain, Stress and Energy Treatments: $50 for 30 mins

Helps relieve stress, pain and restores your body’s natural life-energy.

By carefully placing a small amount of specially chosen flower essences on particular Acu
points of the ear, the powerful healing properties of the flower essence harmonises with the Acu points meridian channel and corresponding organ. This method of applying flower essences has helped many people, it speeds up the healing process, enhances relaxation, and restores balance.

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