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Energetic Healer, Aura Soma Practitioner and Teacher.

Luca - Aura Soma Practitioner

What is a Aura-Soma Consultation?


Become everything you are. Be drawn to the colours you need. Trust your intuition. For those looking to be empowered, eased and elevate themselves for total wholeness and wellbeing book your consultation to experience Aura-Soma.

During your initial consultation I will guide you through a completely customised self-selection session of the Equilibrium bottles. Trust your intuition; the colours you are drawn to are the colours you need. Together, we will review your chosen colours and explore their meanings in the context and depth of your own journey to discover which of our products are best suited to help build and maintain happiness and vitality in your every day.

Your body knows on an instinctual level what it requires to thrive. We wholeheartedly believe that no-one knows you better than you know yourself.

Duration: Up to 90 minutes.
Investment: $150


Luca Orlandi has always lived in a world of colour. During the foundational years of his career in both Italy and Australia, he worked for the most prestigious international brands in fashion. On the one hand, this experience enabled Luca to develop an appreciation for colour, light and aesthetics. yet, on the other hand, he was longing for a higher purpose and a deeper connection to the human spirit. 

In  2007 Luca felt an intuitive pull towards the healing arts. He commenced study at the Nature Care College in Sydney completing a Diploma in Energetic Healing. He also completed an integrated education with a Professional Certificate in Emotional Freedom Technique. Since then, he has also studied as a meditation teacher and is an Aura-Soma practitioner. 

Regardless of whether Luca is working one on one with a client, holding space for a healing workshop, or delivering an educational keynote, his focus is always on empowering the client with the tools to ignite their own healing journey. As an expert on crystals as a powerful ancient healing technology, Luca believes that crystals are a gateway enabling every one of us to remember and reconnect with the infinite wisdom that exists within. 


Aura-Soma Practitioner

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Luca is available in Sutherland once a month on a Tuesday. Contact Luca to find the next available date / time to book this unique session.


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