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Emilia Angelevski

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Through the application and development of the Connekt principles I teach, as well as the adoption of proper nutrition – I have been able to restore, strengthen and open my body, mind and soul. These same principles have enlightened me to my true existence in this world, and I aim to do the same for all those who partake in my classes and teachings.

With all the distractions and fallacies in modern society, understanding rest and activity can become distorted & unclear. Emconnekt sessions aim to eliminate the fog and misconceptions, in order to truly allow you to discover and observe yourself and your life, in a simple form, whilst building vital tools for your specific energy and body.

My goal at Emconnekt is to help you, find harmony, and live a full and happy life.
Failures, lack of health, love, work, financial well-being and the like are the result of wrong thoughts, emotions, actions of a person and generational karma, both conscious and unconscious.
By eliminating the root of the problem, we remove the problem itself.
It will take only one thing – YOU BEING READY TO MEET YOURSELF

Emconnekt incorporates Yoga, Pilates, Calisthenics, Hypnotherapy Reiki & Meditation – any individual is welcome to attend, as years of experience and numerous qualifications ensure that, from beginner-to-advanced,
everyone can and will be catered for.
Reiki & energy healing aims to clear, balance and restore your physical and energetic systems and facilitates the body’s natural healing abilities.

Physical and emotional trauma or stress and emotions that are not fully processed and released, can lay repressed in our energy bodies and cause havoc in our body and life. This may show up as:
· illness,
· stress,
· sleep issues,
· work or relationship problems,
· feeling weighed down, or
· blocks in moving forward with the flow of your life (feeling stuck anyone?).

With my Hands-on Reiki therapy, patients claim to feel relaxed and renewed after each session. I tailor your session to work on your specific goals and needs. I love showing my patients how just a few treatments can make an enormous difference to their well-being. Each relaxing session includes chakra balancing & clearing, healing and grounding

My name is Emilia Angelevski and I’m a Hypnotherist Healer & Criminologist,  What this means is that I help people to improve their quality of life by using various energy techniques through Hypnotherapy Reiki, Movement and Personal Development

​Energy healing is a great way to find solutions to our numerous life problems in the world today. Whether it is anxiety, stress, depression, relationship hardships, lack of direction or energy.

I was born in Bitola, Macedonia in 1984 and ever since I was young, I always felt a strong connection to health and the universe.

During University, I studied Science and Criminology at UNSW before exploring the world of health and wellbeing. After a major injury and a mental burnout, I decided to re-educate myself in health and started to take my approach much more seriously.

What I have learned, is often it can take us an injury or burn out before we realise we need to make a change. I can personally speak from this experience, which is why I am so passionate about educating people on how to live a more holistic life and avoid this from occurring.

I have spent the last 15 years in the health industry, learning and applying all this information, to be able to restore the mind and body with the soul.

No matter where your health or wellbeing is currently if you’re ready to make a change for the better and for your future, let’s work together and ensure you reach these goals.



Hypnotherapy + NLP Initial $200 1.5 hours
Reiki $150
Yoga Hypnotherapy $200 1.5 hours
Private Training Groups


My Qualifications

I love to learn but I also love knowing I’m providing my clients with as much value and knowledge as possible so they can feel comfortable, safe and empowered to move their body and unlock the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

· B.Science and Criminology UNSW
· Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness and Personal Training
· NLP & Hypnotherapy
· Diploma in Human Resources management
· CERTIFICATE IV in Training and Assessment
· Qualified Les Mills Instructor in Body Balance, Spin, Body Pump, Kangoo & Body Attack.
· Strength and Conditioning – Fitness Australia
· Certificate in Nutrition – Fitness Australia
· 500hr Yogalates – Yoga and Pilates
· 200hr Yoga – Yoga Australia
· Matwork Pilates – Studio Pilates
· Pre and Post Natal Yoga – Fitness Australia
· Reiki 1 Training with Hum Sound Therapy
· Reiki 2 – Hum Sound Therapy
· Reformer Pilates – Studio Pilates
· Reformer Pilates ESSA

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